Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Brief Word and a Half-Hearted Pledge

In truth I don't know what this blog will turn out to be, and I'm not entirely convinced that I'll keep at it. I think that the desire to blog, why so many of us do, is because we all want to feel connected to someone. We want to put words to our thoughts and feelings and how we experience the world and then lay our souls (or parts of them) bare to whoever may be wandering about the internet, hoping that someone will feel what we feel, think what we think and appreciate the microcosm of the world that we publish. Blogging is reaching out to an unknown someone, often for unknown reasons. I don't know why I'm starting a blog (a second blog, to tell the truth. I allowed the first to lose altitude and crash into a dismal stretch of barren space), but something in me longs to write and publish in this way. Really, it feels like tossing a bottled letter out to sea more than anything. But perhaps it will wash up on some beach where someone will find it an amusing curiosity.

In truth, I think that the medium will suit me as I explore some of my thoughts and attempt to impose discipline on my erratic writing behavior. I never write regularly but I always wish to, and perhaps if I trick myself into believing that people will be expecting a new post once a week, I will write that regularly. And, as a confirmed chronic over-writer, it would do me some good to impose a word limit to stay below (it's 500, by the way, but it's set with loose intentions of keeping to it). I cannot tell you what you might expect to find here. I expect to be surprised myself at times. Ray Bradbury says that he is a follower in his writing process; his stories go where they will and he follows in wonder, pen in hand. In this blog, I, too, will follow my words onto the page and hope that they will lead me to better places.

Having said all of that, I half-heartedly pledge to write less than 500 words about once a week, for now anyway.

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